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Google’s Chrome OS netbook coming next week

Chrome OS

Aside from the Android mobile platform, Google also has the Chrome OS which is a platform designed for netbooks and laptops for users to work with web applications. Earlier in January, the Singapore media had a glimpse of the Chrome OS and that it is scheduled to be available later this year. Well, according to some news sources, the netbook could be available as soon as next week.

The Google Chrome OS is designed for users to easily access the various web applications including Gmail, Facebook and Picasa, as well as play their favorite music and videos on the device preinstalled with the operating system. It also features a familiar user interface that resembles the web browser of the same name. VR-Zone was one of the local media who attended the preview earlier this year whereby the search engine giant demonstrated some of the features of Chrome OS from an unnamed netbook.

No mention on the exact dates of availability of the devices with Chrome OS, except that they would be available “later this year”. Well, this month is the last for 2010 before we say welcome to 2011. And according to Engadget, it looks like the netbook with Chrome OS may become available as soon as 7 December, which is just next week.

Well, don’t be too happy yet until we have seen how good it is, and when it will be available here in Singapore. And with Chrome OS becoming available, would we see future tablets running on this platform or continuing the Android mobile OS?

Source: Engadget

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