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Google’s Android Device Manager will let users find their lost Android phone, coming soon to Android 2.2+

Google has announced plans to address one of Android’s most glaring shortcomings by launching Android Device Manager, a service to let users track, ring, and wipe lost Android 2.2+ devices.


Google has just announced plans to launch a new service called Android Device Manager, which will allow users to find their lost phone and protect personal data by allowing users to securely erase all the data on their device remotely. It’s a feature Android users have been asking for since long, and while third-party solutions like Cerberus have been splendid alternatives, it will finally be a built-in feature.

Users will be able to track their device on a map, make the ringer on the device go off on maximum volume if they have misplaced it within earshot, and, if the worst comes to pass, wipe all personal data with a single click in a browser window – this is similar to Apple’s Find my iPhone app, which has allowed iOS users to track lost and misplaced iPhones and iPads since June 2010, and also to the “Find my Phone” feature on Windows Phone.


To make the service available to as many people as possible, Google is once again taking its new approach of providing OS features without needing to be on a newer version of the OS, so the service will be made part of the Google Play Services app that is installed on every device running on Android 2.2 and above (the same was done for the malware scanner feature).

A separate app will also be launched later this month, to help users find and better manage their devices. Google didn’t announce specific availability dates, but given the importance of the service, it should be on every Google Play-connected device soon.

Source: Android Official Blog

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