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Google wins big in court, jury says Java APIs in Android are protected under “fair use”


A federal jury has cleared Google of copyright infringement claims set by Oracle.

After three days of deliberating, the verdict was that Google’s re-implementation of 37 Java APIs do not infringe Oracle’s copyrights. The jury of ten unanimously declared Google’s use of the APIs constituted what’s considered as “fair use” under copyright law.

The verdict ended a month long trial that could have extended if it went in Oracle’s favor.

“We’re grateful for the jury’s verdict,” said Robert Van Nest, Google’s lawyer. And, as expected, Oracle’s corner didn’t have much to say. Oracle, however, did say they’re planning to appeal the decision.

Dorian Daley, Oracle’s general counsel is convinced that Google “illegally” copied core Java technology to push Android to market quicker. According to Oracle, this “shortcut” on Google’s part came at the expense of Oracle.

If Oracle did win, however, experts estimated that Google could have had to hand over as much as $9 billion to compensate Oracle for damages.

Oracle did take a stab at the smartphone market with little success, and the Google win over the use of the Java APIs only served to make it harder for Oracle to exert itself in the mobile arena.

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