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Google Translate updates dictionary with new features

Google has just released an update for Google Translate, which adds a smarter dictionary for the translation service; something which will help you choose the right words with greater ease for your translation.

Google has released an update for Google Translate; three new features to their dictionary, which should make translations much more accurate. The first of these features is known as "Reverse translations" and will help you choose between various alternatives to a translation. This will help you weed through differences such as those found in various dialects. This would otherwise be very difficult to do without intimate knowledge about the language.

The next feature, "Frequency" helps you pick correct words by how commonly they're used. It will instantly rank translations for certain words based on how commonly the language uses them. The rarest translations will be hidden by default, but can be unlocked.

An example of the synonyms and frequency features

The final feature, "Synonyms" will group translations of a word into groups to ensure that all synonyms for one word will be easy to navigate to and that words which have only nearly the same meaning, do not get mixed up with them. Synonyms is currently only available when translating into English, but Google is planning to update and expand the feature in the future.

To try out the new dictionary, head over to Google Translate!

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