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Google to create its own AirPlay esque service

According to tech website GIGaom, Google is currently developing its own media streaming functionality, for Android devices and Google TV. The technology that the company is hoping to persuade device and software makers to adopt would be similar to that of Apple’s AirPlay media solution. 

It could be said that the fascination with watching movies on four inch screens is dying off – movies are, and have always been made for the big screen. But now that most media is mobile and digital, a problem exists that needs solving – how to get all that media onto TVs.

TVs have developed over the years, and so have smartphones/tablets. But unfortunately, technology to correlate these two has not progressed as quickly. While DVD burning is a possible method to watch digitally purchased films on television sets, expense, complication, and problems with format size makes this technique obsolete and disliked.

With the introduction of the Apple TV, Apple sought to introduce a simple and elegant solution to this problem. It has been widely successful – using AirPlay functionality, integration between Macs and iOS devices allow music and video to be streamed to users’ television sets. Using automatic detection and synchronization, the whole method ends up requiring very little manual effort. Users get an easy and virtually seamless media experience, and Apple gets more sales on its new hardware and media store. 

AirPlay functionality, with an iPad and Apple TV streaming to a TV set (Image credit:Apple)

So, it works out for everybody – everybody, of course, except for the competing brands, which would rather your living room be filled with their own equipment. This year, for instance, Microsoft introduced SmartGlass – an application to synchronize media between Windows 8 and Xbox devices.

So it makes sense that Google, auto maker/ISP/search engine/advertisement/media provider/TV service extraordinaire would want in on the fun. Devices using Google’s Android OS fill the mobile market – and the beauty of Android (even if there are also blemishes) is that it comes in many shapes and sizes.

From smartphones, tablets, to non-cellular media devices, the availability of Android software with which to obtain and consume mobile media is very large. Combining this empire of hardware and related services with Google’s own TV box, Google could prove to be a formidable player in this new territory of digital entertainment. 

Source: TechHive (via GIGaom)

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