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Google Streetview now has over 90 ski resorts on camera

Google continues it's awesome and ridiculous expansion of Streetview, returning to the slopes and providing over 90 ski resorts worldwide with a first person view of the snow

Google Streetview had a fairly practical purpose when it was first implemented – instead of just seeing a location via map, you could look at a first person panoramic view of it as well; very useful for seeing what the house your driving to looks like, or keeping track of what the surroundings look like when you're supposed to make a turn. Then everybody discovered how much fun Streetview can be, letting people explore locations all over the world from the comfort of their living room.

Google has since expanded upon the service, including Streetview in absolutely awesome, and often ridiculous places, such as art galleries and underwater, on the great barrier reef. They even gave the Streetview treatment to the Amazon river and the Antarctic. In 2010, while preparing for the Vancouver winter Olympics, they mapped out several ski slopes. Now they've returned and Google are announcing that 90 ski resorts world wide are mapped, in countries such as Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Canada and the US.

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Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia

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