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Google Has Slashed The Price Of Daydream View Headset

Google has only just released their mobile VR headset, the Google Daydream, months ago. Now, they have already given it a severe price cut. Originally you had to spend US$79 (S$112). Now, you can get your hands on the headset for US$49(S$70). This is not a permanent price slash, however, and it is only valid until 25 February. Even though Daydream is not readily available in Singapore, anyone interested should get on this deal while it lasts.

Why Google has cut the price

Image courtesy: Business Insider

Google only launched the Daydream headset last November. Since then, sales figures have not been made available, but are unlikely to be really impressive. After all, it came out near the end of 2016 and was limited to Daydream-ready devices, meaning the Google Pixel phone.  Pessimists would likely see this as the driving reason behind the sale, trying to push up sales numbers to make up for a disappointing year.

Image courtesy: Wired

However, another potential reason could be that Google has seen renewed potential in the headset. After all, Google announced a whole slew of Daydream-Ready headsets at CES this year, including the very interesting Zenfone AR from Asus. With this information, it’s very clear that Google still has plenty of interest in VR. If anything, the sale shows how much they believe in the technology. Getting more potential customers to buy the headset is necessary to drive up interest in the new Daydream ready phones.

How to Get the Headset

Image courtesy: Wired

You have until 25 February to make good on the significant price drop. Unfortunately, it is only available on the Google store, which is not available in Singapore. If you want to, make sure to use a VPN service to buy from the site, or access the Best Buy or Verizon store fronts. Then, use a service like Vpost to get the headset into SIngapore. Of course, you can’t make full use of the headset until you get your hands on a Daydream mobile phone. Thankfully, there are plenty of options for the Google Pixel in Singapore. For others, like the Motorola Moto Z and the Huawei Mate 9, keep an eye out for their availability in the region. Anyone who is able to get their hands on both, let us know how you get on with the headset.

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