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Google said to be close to an acquisition deal with Twitch

A Google takeover of Twitch would likely see it integrated into YouTube, but Microsoft is also said to be interested in making an offer.


Twitch will soon be a product of Google, likely under the YouTube brand, if a deal first reported on by Variety goes through.

No deals have been signed, but talks are progressing according to multiple reports and an official announcement is expected soon. A figure of $1 billion in cash has been named as a possible amount for the takeover. Reportedly Microsoft has also made a number of offers for the game video streaming service, but Twitch executives have declined Microsoft’s overtures as they believe that YouTube would be a better fit for Twitch.

YouTube has also made attempts to replicate Twitch’s service, but to no avail. At the Game Developer Conference in January, Google made an attempt to capture some of Twitch’s audience with the release of an API that would have made game streaming easier. But that feature never really caught on, denying YouTube and Google that lucrative advertising demographic.

An official announcement is expected early this week.

Source: Variety

Via: The Verge 


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