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Google releases stock Email app for Android

Google’s stock Email app is now available at the Play Store for non-Gmail Android users to enjoy.


Do you own an Android phone or tablet? Do you use Gmail as you primary email service? If you answered yes and no to these questions respectively, we have good news for you. Google now releases its stock Android Email app from its bounds, and will be available as a separate app that can be downloaded from the Play Store.

Interface-wise, the layout is still very similar to the current Gmail app. Only now, other email accounts such as Hotmail, Outlook and Yahoo can be used. It even has support for Exchange, IMAP and POP3 accounts, allowing you to use and manage multiple synced email accounts into a single combined inbox.

The decision to make the stock Email app available for download is another of Google’s step-by-step move to generally strip the Android OS down.  Making basic apps like the Email app independent removes its reliance to new OS updates, and can simply be updated on its own. Other Android apps that were given the same treatment previously were the camera, calendar and keyboard apps.

If you want to try the app and see for yourself, you can find and download it here.

Source: AndroWire (JP)

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