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Google releases security update for Chrome, modifies existing logo

Do you use Google Chrome as your default web browser on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux? If so, this might be a good time to ensure that the browser's auto-update feature is working properly, for Google has released a patch which it claims is aimed at fixing a few serious security vulnerabilities in its browser. And apparently, it has decided to give its existing logo a little makeover in the process.

Chrome may be one of the better browsers available for use by end-users today, but it does not change the fact that web browsers require constant updates to ensure that they support most, if not all of today's existing standards, as well as to patch various security holes that could potentially allow malicious websites to compromise the user's PC. After all, there is no denying that the Internet is home to all kinds of content, and malware is definitely one of them.

That being said, if you happen to be using Chrome as your primary web browser, you might want to check if the application's auto-update feature was successful in pulling and installing the latest update rolled out by the search giant. According to a blog post made by the Chrome development team, version 10.0.648.204 was released on March 24 (last Thursday) and is targeted at both the Stable and Beta versions of the Chrome browser. This update reportedly resolves six high-risk flaws found in the earlier version of Chrome 10 and applies to all three major operating systems, as shown in the screenshot below.

Additionally, users who have updated their copy of the Chrome web browser might have realized that the typical, 3D-ish Chrome logo has been replaced by a flat, 2D colour wheel. This is not a bug though: rather, it is the new Chrome logo that was announced by the Chrome team on March 21.

Source: Chrome Release blog via ITmedia

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