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Google releases new live TV tuning app


Thinking about using an Android set-top box to watch TV? Well, Google is finally about to offer users that option with the Live Channels for Android TV app.

The app suddenly appeared in the Google Play Store recently, but don’t expect any Android devices to be able to install it.  It seems like the only devices that are allowed to install the unannounced app is the living room variants—which is essentially the Android-based set-top boxes.

Google and Apple are making valiant attempts at invading the living room with their respective TV extensions.  Google’s Chromecast is a rather useful dongle that hooks up directly to a TV’s HDMI port to enable users to stream off services such as YouTube.  Apple also has a similar product, which it dubs as the Apple TV.  Both companies have seen success in adoption rate as consumers shift to a streaming and on-demand model for their entertainment needs.

The new Live Channels for Android TV will utilize the devices’ built-in tuner to tap into channels that are already out there.  From the screenshot it seems like the app will also offer standard TV features such as closed captioning, parental control and picture-in-picture.

Source: Android Police

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