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Google preps smartwatch for mass production, may arrive in a few months?

A report from the Wall Street Journal is claiming that Google will out its own smartwatch within a couple months.


Most recently released, high profile, smartwatches from the likes of Samsung and the teaser from Qualcomm didn’t impress many.  With poor battery life and some rather lack-lustered designs, these poorly executed wearable tech seemed to have caused people to lose interest in what is supposedly the next lucrative market in the tech sector.

While Samsung and other firms hash out the issues of their smartwatch, giants and Google and Apple is still drawing up what they think will be a hit.  Apple, like it has always been in the past, won’t confirm anything, but most rumors have indicated the maker of such hits like the iPad and iPhone will likely make an iWatch.  Google, however, appears to be ready to jump the gun as WSJ has reported that the Google Now Smartwatch is nearing its mass production phase.

According to WSJ, Google reps are currently in talks with Asian manufacturers to work out details regarding battery life, a major concern if Google wants to avoid the Samsung-proven mistake, and is apparently ‘only months away’ from mass production.

It is unlikely that we’ll see a smartwatch with curved display from Google, but it is also unlikely that Google will go down the wrong path like Samsung.  The Samsung smartwatch is, more or less, a tout-your-horn product with little substance to make it worthy in the eyes of consumers.  For the sake of advancements and useable gadgets, though, we’re hoping Google will deliver something that’s exceedingly better than what we have seen so far from most.

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