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Google Play Movies & TV released for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Google creeps in on iTunes Store’s territory with its new app for iOS devices.


Both Google and Apple offer users a wide variety of movies and TV shows, which can be purchased or rented and then streamed to mobile devices. The former through Google Play Movies & TV and the latter through the iTunes Store. If for some reason you prefer purchasing content from Google’s library, then you’re in luck. The Google Play Movies & TV app for iOS, released today, lets users watch content purchased or rented on Google Play on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The app will also be useful for users who carry different devices from different manufacturers, such as an Apple tablet and an Android smartphone.

There is a little caveat though. Google has not activated purchases within the app. Meaning that users won’t be able to purchase any content using this app on their iOS devices, rather the sole purpose of this app is to allow content consumption on the go. Movies and TV shows can be purchased or rented through Google Play Store on any computer or any Android device. The app has a bonus feature, Chromecast support, allowing users to stream content from their iOS device to Google’s HDMI dongle connected to a full-fledged TV.

Users should keep in mind that streaming only works over Wi-Fi for now, and that TV shows are currently only available in U.S., Japan and the UK. Google Play Movies & TV is available for free from the App Store.

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