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Google Play developers can now reply to user reviews

In order to strengthen the quality of reviews and help connect consumers with developers, Google is enabling all of its Play developers to reply to user reviews on their apps.

Google Play is now connected to Google+ and that means user reviews on apps are associated with an identity. Google is doing this to help their developers interact with users and help increase the quality of said reviews. People are more likely to give useful input when they’re not simply anonymous keyboards in the crowd.

Devs can be reply!


All developers who make apps for Google Play can reply to reviews via their Google Play Developer Console, and their responses will be placed publically, directly below the user review. The reviewer will be notified by email when a developer posts a response and can then either email the developer directly or update their reviews if they wish. Obviously, a reviewer is not obligated to do anything.


So far, developers who have tried it have reported back that they are building good relationships with their users through the system and recommend that others interact actively with their user base. As a writer, I’m well familiar with how much interacting with readers in the comments can mean; I am quite convinced this move will lead to better apps and an improved Play Store overall.

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