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Google planning to introduce ‘channel’ system to YouTube?

Sure, YouTube may have the world's most comprehensive, up-to-date repository of movies, home-made video clips and other kinds of media files, but it appears that Google is still trying to find a way to position YouTube as a source of media that will eventually be as ubiquitous as existing television networks. And according to bits of information claimed by various insider sources, it seems that Google's approach might be to revamp the portal into the web equivalent of a TV network.

It does not take much to convince most web-savvy users that YouTube is probably one of, of not the most popular source of online videos in the world today. After all, most web users will be hard pressed to find a similar alternative video hosting service that offers the same kind of depth, reach and variety as what Google's YouTube is currently capable of. In fact, it is probably no exaggeration on our part when we say that the global online video scene would grind to a halt if YouTube suddenly ceases to operate, and it will take a long time for an alternative solution to fill the void it will leave behind.

However, it also appears that Google is not content about YouTube just being a gigantic repository of videos for users to view online. Apparently, the search giant has always been harbouring plans of making YouTube much more ubiquitous in the average user's lifestyle, we have seen how Google TV was probably the first example of the search giant's long term goals for YouTube. But even that is not enough, and various sources familiar with Google's dealings are claiming that the company is setting up YouTube to go head to head against the likes of TV network operators in order to keep people hanging around the video portal for longer amounts of time.

According to a report made by the Wall Street Journal, the online video streaming service is now focusing on acquiring new content in the way most TV broadcast and cable networks will; by offering to sponsor or fund the production of content specially designed for online viewing. The search giant has also reportedly set aside a staggering US$100million just for this purpose. It is speculated that such an approach has greater potential in successfully winning over producers to produce Youtube-exclusive content, as opposed to striking licensing deals with video and content distributors.

In addition, Google is also reportedly planning to revamp YouTube's home page by introducing a 'Channels' system which will supposedly allow users to sort between videos of various genres for easier classification and searching purposes. 

Last but not least, the Wall Street Journal also claims that Google is planning to integrate social networking features into YouTube, and that such features are likely to be introduced together with the new Channels system so that viewers will have a comprehensive package of new features in the revamped YouTube portal.

For more information about Google's plans for YouTube, hit up the source link below.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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