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Google Pixel 2 rumored to feature improved hardware, ‘budget’ model in the works too

Google-oriented website 9To5Google published a new report today that details the next-generation Pixel smartphones from Google.

Just like the Pixel, the Google is said to be “focusing intensely” on imaging performance with the Pixel 2. The Mountain View company is looking to further improve low-light performance with this year’s model, which is why the phone will not come with a higher resolution camera but will instead “compensate in extra features”. The smartphone will be an upgrade over the Pixel in terms of processing power as well. Google is reportedly testing the Pixel 2 with two different chipsets currently, with some prototypes running on the Snapdragon 83x chips and some on Intel chips. The phone is rumored to be waterproof as well.

Thanks to the various hardware improvements, Google expects to price the Pixel 2 “at least” $50 higher than its predecessor. There will be a more affordable “Pixel 2B” model as well, which is expected to be significantly cheaper than the Pixel 2. While there is no word yet on the spec-sheet of the “Pixel 2B”, it will most definitely be a lot less impressive than its more expensive sibling in terms of the hardware on offer. The device will be “aimed at different markets”, says the report, with the goal being to bring the Google experience and Google Phone to emerging markets.

Source: 9To5Google

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