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Just yesterday, Google made a series of announcements about a series of updates to its plethora of services.

Hardware Gets Beefed

Google AI gets beefed with new hardware. New 3rd Generation TPUs are 8x more powerful than the previous generation, potentially enhancing Google’s native products, and increasing the potential for Google’s AI. AI technology will be available for developers for greater opportunities to develop for everyone.

Google News

Staying up to date with the news is never more effortless. Assisted with Google’s AI/Machine Learning technique called ‘deep indexing/reading’ enables Google to comprehend news articles and provide the most relevant and reliable information to end-users. Filter bubbles are no longer an issue with frequent news updates enabling readers to delve deeper into developments. Opinion pieces, analysis, reports and tweets – updates are all labelled for user discretion.

Google Assistant Gets A Boost

Conversations with Google’s AI-in-your-pocket are now more natural, with Google’s inclusion of multiple voice models (including that of the ever-so-soothing John Legend). Taking the tech world by storm, Google announced the Assistant’s ability to interact with the real world, by demonstrating Duplex, which holds convincing phone conversations with restaurants and hair salons to help users make enquiries.

Android P Announced

The Beta version of Android P for developers is now available on Google’s Pixel, and a bevy of other devices from the likes of Nokia, Sony, Essential and OnePlus.

Never Get Lost Again: Google Maps Gets Updated

Google’s immense navigation app becomes a greater help. There’s now always something to do with updates from Google letting users to know what’s new and trending in the vicinity and in areas that matter to them the most.

No map sense? Google’s new AR walking directions means never getting lost again as fool-proof directions are projected virtually as you look on through the eye of your device.

Google Maps now lets you know what’s cool and new in areas that matter the most to you. Image: Google

Lots of Emails? Google’s Got It

Gmail’s new Smart Compose helps the busy businessperson get the best on your ever-increasing pile of emails. Smart Compose suggest common sentences based on initial inputs, and provides additional suggestions based on information gathered from the existing body of text and the subject line.


Google Lens receives support outside of Google’s Pixel devices, and has also announced that ARCore will receive a substantial upgrade to help developers build collaborative and immersive apps and experiences.

Google Photos

Google Photos takes centre stage in your image capturing experience with many options available from within the app and cloud-storage service. Suggested actions will be available, allowing you to seamlessly share your images, or to scan a document. Machine Learning also looks at your images and makes them pop without having to lift (or tap) a finger.

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