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Google+: Now shipping with bundled games

If Facebook claims that you don't get to befriend more than a million people out there without potentially making a few enemies, we'd wager that a similar line for Google+ online social networking service will probably be something along the lines of “You don't get to become a credible online social networking service without throwing some games into the mix”. Indeed, the search giant has just announced that it has rolled out a variety of casual games for its new Google+ service, and it seems that some very popular titles have been roped into the fray.

So, you love playing Farmvile on Facebook, and have recently jumped over to Google's new Google+ online social networking service to see what the whole fuzz was. That is great and all, but if there is one aspect of Google+ which most online social veterans would pick a bone with, it will be the fact that Google has seemingly decided to opt for the 'boring' approach to social networking by not providing any games for its user base to entertain themselves with. Well, that is all set to change soon, now that the search giant has just rolled out its new Games page for Google+.

According to a blog post made by Vic Gundotra, who serves as Google's senior vice president for engineering, the decision to include games in Google+ was made because they serve as a “great way for users to spend quality time with each other”, and that it was also good to have a little “friendly competition” sometimes. Currently available on the new Games page in Google+ are well-known titles such as Sudoku, Bejeweled Blitz and yes, that famous avian-bovine catfight game we call Angry Birds.

But there is more to Google+'s new Games service. Apparently, it seems that Google, in its typical “Don't be Evil” philosophy, is attempting to cater to both social gamers and the honest-to-goodness social networkers by allowing users to customize how Games work on Google+. Gamers can play all the games and share all the achievement they want to their hearts' content, while others who actually prefer to keep their streams free from unnecessary clutter such as updates on who got the highest score on Angry Birds can opt to ignore the service entirely. In the end, both sides win. Nice.

Source: Google blog

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