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Google Nexus 5 rumor bonanza continues with moar crystal clear photos, including of Sprint version

How much hype is too much? We’re probably about to find out, as we’re in the midst of a genuine rumor overload starring possibly the worst kept secret in Android history, Google and LG’s Nexus 5.


The handheld is bound to go official any minute now (literally), yet regulatory agencies all over the world, carriers, retailers, tipsters and insiders can’t stop raving about it, turning it upside down and dissecting its looks and specs.

As for us tech-savvy individuals, we’re caught in a web of speculation, propaganda and marketing buzz we simply cannot escape. Or maybe we just don’t want to. After all, there’s nothing like daydreaming, looking at pictures of sexy slabs of silicon running “vanilla” Android and envisioning how low could Google go on pricing.

Nexus 5

The latest batch of pics comes by way of three, count’em three rock-solid sources. First, there’s Taiwan’s FCC equivalent, dubbed NCC, where the LG D821 has made its obligatory rounds a couple of days ago. In doing so, the phone that’s to be dubbed the Nexus 5 has had to go through an extensive photo session, showing every line and curve of its outer design in classic black attire.

Anything surprising revealed by NCC? Maybe the 2,300 mAh battery. That is, if you’re not up to date with the latest N5-centric gossip and you’re hung up on those old rumors about it packing a 3,000 mAh cell.

Meanwhile, the infamous tipster that likes to call himself @EvLeaks and the folks over at Android Headlines have entered in the possession of several images purportedly depicting an N5 designed specifically for use on Sprint.


In all honesty though, the pics could very well be of an “international” LG Nexus 5, since, unlike we know who, Sprint doesn’t mess with the external appearance of its gizmos by slapping fugly logos all over it.

Both the conventional black and silky smooth white flavors of the 5-incher are showcased in the bundle of photos and, again, there’s nothing new or exciting to notice about them. Not that the device is lackluster from an aesthetical point of view or it will go unnoticed once it comes out. It’s just we’ve seen it all before.


What we haven’t seen are images with a Verizon-bound Nexus 5, so chances are Big Red won’t sell the thing subsidized, leaving Sprint and possibly AT&T to battle it out for the limelight. T-Mobile too, but the “UnCarrier” doesn’t do contracts anymore, so they’re in a league of their own. That said, can we stop with the nonsense already? Eh, Google?

Sources: Chinese VR-Zone, Twitter, Android Headlines

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