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Google Nexus 5 launches with T-Mobile November 14, costs $450 outright

Closely following Sprint, T-Mobile USA has made Nexus 5 ETAs and pricing official. The latest “pure Google phone” will land in T-Mo’s online store November 14, with brick and mortar locations set to get the handheld six days later.


As expected, Magenta can’t (or just won’t) replicate Google’s winning N5 pricing structure, raising the bar with 100 bucks. Thus, the 16 GB model in black or white will cost $41.99 upfront, plus 24 monthly payments of $17 each, bringing the grand total to $450.

No words on the fourth largest carrier in the US scoring the 32 GB variant, so for now the only option for folks needing extra wiggle room remains the official Play Store. The problem is initial stocks have been completely depleted through that particular channel, with most Google Play branches, including the American and British ones, listing shipping times of two to five weeks.

The 16 GB version in black is for the most part the most sought after, as the US Play Store lists it shipping in four to five weeks, with the 32 GB white one the least popular, albeit even that thing will take its sweet time before descending upon your doorsteps.


Meanwhile, there’s always Sprint at your disposal if you’re willing to pay a bit of a premium. America’s third largest wireless service provider seems to be handling demand fairly well, charging $50 with two-year contracts after rebates or $449.99 sans pacts.

A slightly cheaper option is Amazon, where you can score the same Sprint-branded N5 but for $50 with carrier agreements and no other strings attached. Sadly, the online retailer is pretty much as stumped as Google Play when it comes to shipping the N5, with two weeks from now the most optimistic ETA. Here’s to another botched Nexus launch!

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