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Google Nexus 5 to have different battery size for each model?

A rather bizarre rumor has surfaced regarding the Google Nexus 5, suggesting that the device will have different battery capacities for each variant.

Nexus 5

A recently leaked service manual hinted at the Nexus 5 coming in 16 and 32GB storage models (while also confirming the device’s specs), and according to the latest tip, each of those models will be accompanied by varying battery capacities to match. The 16GB model will have the 2,300mAh battery that we’ve been hearing about, while the 32GB model will have a larger 3000 mAh battery.

The latest rumor also brings along pricing details – the 16GB variant will be priced at $299, while the 32GB variant will cost $100 more, which doesn’t sound too bad considering both the storage and battery capacity will be larger. However, it’s still hard to believe Google would opt for differing battery sizes – Nexus devices have always been pretty abysmal at battery life, so it would be rather discriminating against those buying the 16GB model.

But hey, that’s still better than having just 8GB of storage on the base model, right?

Source: Phone Arena

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