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Google may be developing their own gaming console, smart watch, and updating the Nexus Q

Well this is interesting. Google looks like they’re reading to dive into a few spaces in consumer electronics from wearable tech all the way to the living room. They’ll even try fixing a past mistake.


According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Google is working at creating their own gaming console, their own smart watch, and even updating the Nexus Q which was definitely a failure for them. If this is to be believed then it is a big statement from Google that they’re looking at building their ecosystem in a strong way to try and make it the focal point of the living room, similar to gaming consoles now.

The report mentions that these products will be produced in-house which emphasizes how important these products could be for the company. There are some questions that can be posed here however. Why not make the Nexus Q into the gaming console itself by giving it access to the Play Store. It’s unclear whether their strategy is to create a product like that or to actually build a full-on gaming console like the PS4 or Xbox One except the main difference being it will use Android as its operating system.


I would think the idea is a smaller device similar to the Ouya but that once again leaves the Q in a precarious situation. As for the smart watch there is no real surprise there, it sounds like every major company in existence has already released one, or is currently cooking up one of their own. The goal there is try and attract the market before it becomes a big one, or more accurately before Apple gets to it first.

The report does hint that the reason Google is pursuing this is to counter Apple before they strike, especially considering the fact that it doesn’t seem to far-fetched for Apple to include App Store and controller support in future versions of their Apple TV device effectively turning them into gaming consoles on top of its already solid streaming capabilities.

It will be interesting to see how long Google waits before revealing these plans to the world in an official capacity but until then we’ll have to wait for more leaks.

Source: Wall Street Journal Via: The Next Web

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