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Google Maps Street View introduces Time Travel feature

Using the Street View feature on Google Maps, users can now travel through time using the older images of explored places.


Have you ever tried thinking about the amount of data poured on Google Map’s Street View feature? Imagine the entire (explorable) world, pictured at every angle, at every direction. Too bad we usually lose access to these data once it updates its image database.

Starting this week however, the Street View feature will now allow all of the other older images to be available online, giving you the opportunity to relive the old look of places you virtually visit as if you have just jumped on a magical time machine. The feature will be available as a small window, activated when you click a clock icon, where you can swipe the slider at the bottom part of the window for you to view the older images of the place you’re currently exploring.



There’s an obvious catch to this feature of course, in that the oldest image that you’ll see will only be the ones which are available since Street View was first introduced in 2007. Also, it’s currently limited to the desktop version of Google Maps at the moment.

[youtube id=”lvH3rtFMa9o” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Nonetheless, the concept itself is quite cool. Give and take a few decades, and we’ll see relics of the early 21st century like it was the eighties. Though, this is Google we’re talking about, and it’s probably still too early to affirm that they won’t find a way for this feature to push the dial further back in time.

Source: Google

Via: MyNavi (JP)

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