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Google Maps Now Helps Find Your Car

The latest update to Google Maps can help users when parking their cars.

The Android Police have reported that there is an interesting new feature in the new beta version of Google Maps for Android. Version 9.49 beta includes a tool that will help users recover their parked vehicles, as well as avoid getting a ticket. The tool will mark your car’s location on the map, and open a page where you can input information such as how much time is left on the meter.

In order to use the tool, you just need to tap the blue dot which marks your location. A menu will open where you can choose to mark the location as a parking spot. If you’re marking a location after the fact, you can manually select the location as well. From there, the app will bring you to another screen where you can input more details and information about the parking spot. One such detail is indeed the meter time, but there are also options for which row or level you’ve parked on, if you’re in a parking structure. If you don’t want to bother with writing, the app will allow you to just take pictures of identifying markers so you can find your way back to the car.

When the meter is about to run out, Google Maps will give you a popup notification, though this feature can be turned off. You can also share the parking location with other users, if you’re using the car as a meeting point, or if you’re dropping it off for someone else to drive later.

As of yet, the feature is only available on Google Maps for Android devices. Apple Maps on iOS 10 has a similar parking feature for iPhone, but it requires a Bluetooth link between the car and your phone. The drawback is that it won’t work with older cars, of course, but it has the benefit of automating a lot of the functions Google requires you to input yourself.

source: Forbes

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