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Google Maps is back on the iPhone

Google has restored Google Maps to the iPhone, filling the gap caused by Apple's removal of the app earlier this year.

Google has restored Google Maps to the iPhone, filling the gap caused by Apple's removal of the app earlier this year.

The search giant's latest offering has been designed from scratch to give iOS users an intuitive interface, with all the functionality of a reliable map application that Apple could not deliver. 
Google is promising that users will be able to see more of the map on screen now, with better quality thanks to vector-based images, faster loading times, and smoother tilting and rotating in both 2D and 3D views.
The company also highlighted the fact that it makes “tens of thousands of daily updates” to Google Maps to keep it “accurate and comprehensive,” two words that Apple failed to consider before launching its own rival product. Google even added a new way to send in feedback—users can simply shake their screen when they spot something that is a little off.
Google is also releasing a software development kit for Google Maps for iOS, along with a simplified URL scheme, which means other app developers can more easily incorporate Google Maps into their software.
The release comes only days after Australian police labelled Apple's Maps app as "potentially life-threatening," thanks to its misplaced roads, cities, and just about everything else.
Apple previously featured Google Maps as a default app on iOS devices, but growing rivalry between the companies prompted it to ditch Google's long-standing service for a self-built replacement using data supplied by GPS firm TomTom. The result was a disaster, prompting Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, to issue an apology.
Fans of Google Maps, which is likely to be just about every user who tried Apple Maps, can now rejoice in no longer having to access it via a mobile browser.
Google Maps is available immediately from the App Store on the iPhone and fourth-generation iPod Touch, providing they are running iOS 5.1 or higher.

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