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Google: Make websites mobile-friendly or be penalized


Google is making some huge changes to its mobile search, and sites that aren’t deemed as “mobile-ready” will drop drastically in ranking.

Recent search stats have shown that nearly 29 percent of people in the US use their mobile devices to input search requests.  Nearly a third of all Google search users are now heavily reliant on mobile devices to pull up information of the best eatery or any other relevant information.  In the US alone 18.5 billion search requests were made from mobile devices within the final 3 months of 2014.  This same statistic is relatively even everywhere else in the world, with some regions even surpassing the 1/3 mobile search mark.

The Mountain View-based Internet company will fully unleash the mobile search update on Tuesday.  Businesses that have already revamped their website to adjust to Google’s standards will likely remain near the top of searches, while sites that are caught off guard will either drop greatly or disappear completely from search results.

To assist site owners, Google has released a guide as well as a test tool to check for mobile-friendliness.

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