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Google lines up September 15 press event in India to further detail Android One

Hard at work on polishing Android L, enriching the possibilities of Android Wear and opening up Android Auto to the masses, Google doesn’t seem to have forgot about Android One either, and the platform may be further detailed in just two weeks.

Google September 15

Google has a dream. To cater to the diverse needs of each and every mobile tech consumer around the world, no matter their financial possibilities. Also, put an end to the era of “dumb” phones once and for all.

To do that, El Goog has designed Android One, which is basically an affordable, emerging markets-aimed replica of the Nexus program. Like with Nexus devices, Larry Page & co. will outsource hardware manufacturing to established names in the business, taking it upon themselves to directly supply the pre-loaded stock software and all subsequent updates in a timely fashion.

Of course, Micromax, Spice and Karbonn, plus any other Android One partners Google will be signing in the future, shall get a strong advertising push from Mountain View, on the condition they keep the software as clean as possible and the retail costs as low as possible.

Android One

We’re talking sub-$100 price tags here, free of subsidies and no strings attached, although rumor is Android One smartphone creators will manage to ultimately raise the bar closer to $150. Which is still amazing, given the set of standard specifications rumored and/or confirmed thus far: 4.5-inch and up qHD displays, 1 GB RAM, dual-core Snapdragon processors, 5 MP cameras (at the very least), dual SIM support.

Since it’s not easy to comply with all of Google’s demands, timing looked like a delicate issue for Android One’s debut. But no more, as web news outlets have just begun receiving invites for a September 15 Google-hosted event in India.

Now, the “block your date” text seems to signal some sort of connection with another bold Big G initiative, the modular Project Ara. However, considering the location of the press gathering and previous speculation of Android One likely launching in late September/early October, it’s a stretch to expect anything else but the low-cost Nexus equivalent to steal the show. Boy, do we have a lot to look forward to this month.

Source: NDTV Gadgets

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