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Google launches App Translation Service to better localize Android apps

Google has opened its App Translation Service, which Android app developers can use to have their apps localized by pre-qualified translators at “competitive prices”.


Every day, 1.5 million Android devices are activated, reports Google in its latest post announcing the launch of App Translation Service to developers at large. However, a big majority of these is likely to be in a language other than English. To help developers reach a wider audience, Google has previewed its App Translation service at Google I/O this May, and the search company is now opening the service to all Android app developers.

App Translation Service lets developers purchase localization services from pre-qualified translators at “competitive prices”. The service is integrated right into the Google Play Developers Console, which makes it convenient for developers to submit their applications for translation. The interface includes choices for target language, and developers can choose their preferred vendor by time-to-completion and price.

Google app localization service

Using this localization service will help developers release their apps in multiple languages, and can help expand their market at launch. Google has shared success stories in localization on the Android Developers portal, where the select developers highlight their increased install growth and improved reviews from localized markets as the main benefits.

Google has provided a localization checklist, which developers can use as a reference in building their apps. Localizing apps comes at a nominal cost (about $75 to $150 per language, depending on the size of the app), although this can be considered a small price to pay for gaining a wider install base, and possibly a bigger source of engagement and revenue.

Apart from Google’s own translation service, third-party app localization services have been servicing this need for some time now, and these include the likes of iCanLocalize, Tethras and CrowdIn, which take different approaches to localization, including professional translation and crowd-sourced localization services.

Source: Android Developers Blog

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