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Google and Johnson & Johnson working together on surgical robots


Google has announced that it will be working together with Johnson & Johnson to develop advanced surgical robots that will help Surgeons and health care systems achieve greater accuracy as well as improve cost efficiency.

Johnson & Johnson’s surgical technology arm Ethicon will be working with Google to help develop robots that can help perform minimally invasive surgeries. The two companies believe that ‘robot surgeons’ will be able to help minimize trauma and scarring, helping speed up patients’ recovery post-surgery.

Google will contribute to the project by bringing machine vision and image-analysis software that will help surgeons get a better view as they perform a surgery on a patient and also help them get relevant information more easily. The real-time image analysis software could allow surgeons to see blood vessels, nerves or edges of tumors more clearly than having to rely solely on their naked eyes.

Apart from its partnership with Johnson & Johnson, Google is also said to be working on an independent project called ‘Replicant’ that aims at developing large robot surgeons that will be able to perform basic actions during a surgery.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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