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Google Glass vs. Apple iWatch: What they’re really thinking

Eye glasses and watches are definitely not new concepts, but Google and Apple are attempting to re-invent these ageless tools by integrating more “smart” features into them.

So while we ponder about what type of innovative wonders await consumers in Google’s Glass project, and Apple’s supposed iWatch, there’s still the whole debate about which next-gen tech will excite and grab the most consumer interests. 

A consumer prototype of Project Glass will be available for public consumption before the end of 2013 or sometime in 2014.  However, Apple’s rumored iWatch will remain as pure speculations until the fruity company decides to confirm its existence. 

Nevertheless, Project Glass and Apple’s iWatch are competing products—albeit in different forms.  Both Glass and iWatch will provide consumers with quick and easy access to various computational and entertainment needs, and do so in the form of wearable gadgets. 

Until consumers decide on which product is more fashionable and useful, both the Silicon Valley giants will have figure out how they can duplicate each other’s success should their respective products become busts.

Kudos to joyoftech for the awesome comic.

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