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Google Glass architect joins Amazon

Babak Parvizw won’t disclose what he’s working on, but says he’s “super excited” about the new project.

Google Glass

Jeff Bezos has long said that it was one of Amazon’s goals to push further into the hardware space, and by the look of his company’s latest talent acquisition it looks like he’s serious about that goal.

Babak Parviz, who founded and directed the Google X project which gave the world Google Glass, announced via his Google Plus page late yesterday that he was joining Amazon to work on a yet to be disclosed project.

Parviz’s area of specialty in research is in optics and computer vision, and in all likelihood he will work on the next-generation of Amazon’s “Firefly” app which via the phone’s camera can recognize millions of objects and, when applicable, lead the user to an Amazon page to buy said item. Alternatively, Amazon could be embarking on its own efforts to make an augmented reality centered wearable device.

In the end, whatever project Parviz is working on likely won’t be seen in public for a few years. Google Glass, after all, was under development for three years before the public got its first look at the device.

Source: Google Plus

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