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Google Fiber “not just an experiment” according to Eric Schmidt

From the moment when Google first announced its Google Fiber project to the point when it actually launched this past month techies have been drooling at the idea that you could actually have incredible broadband speeds at a reasonable price. Now we find out that Google is looking to make the project "a business" and not just an experiment.

When Kansas City was announced as the winning city that would be ground zero for Google's fiber high-speed broadband project the collective weeping of the cities that lost out could be heard throughout the Internet, but if what Eric Schmidt said at the New York Times' DealBook conference was not just hot air then those cities may just have another shot at getting Google Fiber.

During his talk at the conference Schmidt said that Google wasn't treating the fiber project just as an experiment but rather the company was running it as if it were a business and that it will come to "hopefully more cities if we're able to expand our service".

While the promise of the fiber project is broadband speeds of 1GB up and down the reality is that many people in Kansas City who are using the service are reporting speeds of 841 Mbps download and 923 Mbps upload; but even that for an price of $70 per month is just plain mind-blowing and puts any of the other providers services to shame.

Right now Google Fiber is only available to certain residential areas and won't be available for businesses for some time. There is also no real information from Google as to when, or if, we will see their service spread to other cities.

via VentureBeat

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