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Google Fiber expands footprint in Utah after takeover

Google will soon be expanding its fiber optic Internet service into more neighborhoods in the city of Provo, Utah, after obtaining local fiber optic service iProvo.


Yesterday, Google announced that more residents of Provo in Utah are going to gain access to the Google Fiber service, after the company acquired local fiber provider ‘iProvo’.

Residents living along the former iProvo network will be given the chance to sign up for Google’s Fiber service.

While Google benefits from having a pre-existing fiber infrastructure on which to base its network, it still must install a new fiber cable into the homes of new customers. Google is managing this significant task incrementally, and will work through particular sections – “fiberhoods” – of Provo one at a time.

Residents are asked to sign up for these fiberhoods before the due date. Google will begin with North Park, in which residents must sign up by February 20th, and will end with Foothills, in the Summer.

Google is also going to give another chance to subscribers of ‘Veracity Networks’ who, if they missed their chance to sign up for Google Fiber earlier, now have until February 28th to sign up for it.

Google is offering three plans to eligible residents of Provo:

The free plan – Google will offer free Internet at basic broadband speeds, with a download rate of 5 Mbp/s (which Google considers fast enough to be YouTube HD Certified), and upload rates of 1 Mbp/s. The service will remain free for at least seven years.

The gigabit plan – Google’s specialty is its gigabit Internet service, which is up to a hundred times faster than basic broadband Internet for $70.00 a month.

Gigabit Internet + TV – This plan adds television to Google’s incredible Internet service, offering hundreds of channels, and a box that can record eight channels simultaneously, and hold 500 hours of HD content. This plan is being offered at $120 a month.

Subscribers to any of the plans – including the free one – must pay a one-time $30 installation fee as well.

Besides Provo, Google Fiber is also available in Kansas City, and will at some point in the future come to Austin, TX. As Google continues to acquire fiber networks, and gain experience delivering its stellar gigabit Internet service to customers, more and more possibilities open for expansion into new areas of the country.

Source: Google Fiber blog

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