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Google extends support for Chrome on Windows XP until end of 2015


People that can’t convince themselves to part with their beloved Windows XP can count on Chrome to support the ageless OS until the end of 2015.

Google announced today via its blog that XP users will continue to get regular patches and updates for Chrome browsers until the end of the year.  The Internet giant originally intended to cut off support Chrome for XP this month, but decided to extend life support for the outdated OS a little longer.  The reason?  Perhaps it’s because nearly 16% of the world’s OS market share is still humming under the XP banner.

Despite both Microsoft and Google pushing for upgrades, it seems like some people are simply content with XP.  Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will be a “free” upgrade, so let’s see if this will entice XP users to finally abandon their trusty software in crime.  Note: It’s also likely that XP users are still running outdated hardware, thus the chances of them being able to upgrade to Windows 10 is slim.  Meaning, the XP demographics will probably linger at around the 10-15% mark for a lot longer than Microsoft would want.

In case you’re still using Windows XP when the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s Eve, Firefox hasn’t signaled its intent to drop XP.

Source: Google Blog

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