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Google disqualifies Project Glass contest winners

After 8000 winners were selected to be the first to try Google's new Project Glass, a lot of them were later disqualified because they had failed to comply to the terms of the contest.

Google just made a bunch of people very happy by offering them early trials of Google Glass, only to tear that happiness away moments later, when some of them were informed they would not be participating in the trial after all.

A month ago, Google started a contest via twitter that asked contestants to send in their pitches in 50 words or less, for what they'd do if they had a Glass. The best 8000 applicants were to receive early access to the device, provided they could still cough up the $1500 for buying it and assuming they could get to New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles to pick it up.


Google is leading the way with wearable computing, and will make cosplaying as a cyborg much easier


Unfortunately, only hours after the lucky winners started being announced announced, Google sent out this stament via twitter: "We're gonna need to disqualify a few non-compliant applications that snuck through." What seems to have happened is that Google simply picked tweets at random which included #ifihadaglass, as opposed to actually judging which ones were the best. This lead to some strange winning contributions, such as "#IfIHadGlass, I'd throw it at your face. ._."


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