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Google Chrome vs Microsoft Edge: A Concise Shootout


Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge seem to be the most popular browsers in the market right now. In terms of speed and power, you can’t really beat these 2 browsers. Should you stick to Microsoft Edge, that’s found in all Windows 10 devices nowadays, or should you download Chrome, that everyone else seems to be using because they are already tapped into Google’s network?

The Microsoft Edge Advantage

The edge Edge has over Google Chrome, is perhaps its energy efficiency. It’s been known that Microsoft Edge is the premier choice for a browser if battery life is your top priority.

In Microsoft’s own test on its Surface Book, the tests revealed that the Surface Book, a tablet-laptop hybrid managed to run for 7.22 hours on Edge as opposed to running only 4.19 hours on Chrome. Of course, we understand that these tests are skewed to Microsoft’s side, but even Business Insider’s tests have also revealed that Edge holds the competitive edge in this field.


Microsoft Edge also claims that its browser is safer than the rest of the browsers in the market, and it can fend off “21%more socially engineered malware compared to its rivals”, whether this is true or not can’t really be verified at the moment since the update was just released awhile back.

Edge is tapped into the Microsoft ecosystem, so if you use Cortana, Onedrive, and Windows Mail a lot, you might consider sticking with Edge.

The Chrome Advantage

The biggest advantage Chrome has over Edge is its cross-platform use. You can use it on iOS, Android, Windows and whatever software you wish. The best part of it is that your history and passwords are all synced to your Google account, so it’s pretty much a universal browser everyone uses.


It also has Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive and everything you need to be a productivity powerhouse, so if you are using an Android device and a tablet as well, chances are, you will choose Chrome simply because of the convenience. Furthermore, Chrome has many extensions you can choose to supercharge your Chrome browser. AdBlock is one of them. If you use an extension like AdBlock, it will stop annoying pop-ups whenever you erhm go to sites like PirateBay and other Torrent sites that keeps giving you nonsensical popups. Powerful isn’t it?

Quick Verdict

There are a lot of differences between the 2 and maybe I would go into them in detail, but to keep things short and simple, Edge is great for users tapped into the Windows system, and Chrome is awesome for those tapped into the Google system. Edge is faster and more power-efficient, but Chrome, has more extensions and more comprehensive features thanks to the ecosystem that Google has in its network.

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