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Google axes LG G Watch R to help boost Watch Urbane sales

The Android Wear town was apparently not big enough for such similar circular smartwatches.

LG G Watch R

Although the original LG G Watch saw its price slashed several times between its commercial dispatch and Google Store disappearance a little over a month back, no one could really blame Big G and LG for ultimately giving up on the rectangular timepiece.

It looked archaic, performed sluggishly in the most basic tasks and failed to impress with battery life or ruggedness. Above all, you had two vastly superior LG-made alternatives on digital store shelves, one of which wasn’t even that costly.

But now Watch Urbane’s lesser, cheaper sibling has itself vanished from the search giant’s US and Japanese e-outlets, leaving the $350 “luxury” accessory to fend off the Apple Watch by itself. In the grand Android scheme of things, it’s still aided by the Moto 360, Asus ZenWatch and Sony SmartWatch 3, of course, with further backup coming from Huawei.

LG Watch Urbane

Also, keep in mind a second-gen ZenWatch was just previewed ahead of a probable fall rollout, while Moto 360’s sequel is almost surely around the corner. Bottom line, there’s plenty of choice for folks who don’t want to “settle” for the overpriced, gimmicky “iWatch”, which doesn’t make G Watch R’s premature departure any less painful.

For some reason available via the Australian Google Store (probably not for long), the “perfectly round” wearable can only be purchased stateside at a whopping $350 through Amazon. Or $263 sans a valid warranty. Best Buy doesn’t stock the Snapdragon 400-powered gizmo anymore, and AT&T, which sold it for a palatable $99 recently, finished all inventory.

Remember, the G Watch R is basically a slightly less “premium” version of the Urbane, with roughly the same internals and non-Wi-Fi-capable Android 5.1.1W running the software show after an OTA update.

Source: 9to5Google

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