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Google and Samsung take an oath to issue regular Android security updates monthly

These will apparently be rolled out in addition to the usual OS makeovers that often focus on other types of improvements and tweaks.


Version fragmentation and security vulnerabilities are by far the biggest predicaments Google needs to confront and clear up for the world’s dominant mobile platform to further increase its popularity.

While the former really has no easy, universal fix in sight, the latter issue will be tackled head-on by both Android’s founding fathers and the hardware manufacturer in charge of the most smartphone shipments worldwide.

In a rare and remarkable joint effort, the Mountain View-based search giant and Korean device specialist just announced new company policies regarding timely protection for glitches such as StageFright. Starting… soon, Samsung shall instate a rate of “about once per month” security updates, with Google already committed to a fixed monthly schedule of similar patches.

Android StageFright

If you own a Nexus 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 or Nexus Player, you may have been welcomed by a prompt message this morning asking permission to flash a minor stability-enhancing firmware. Well, you’ll want to get used to maintenance bumps of this sort, guaranteed to hit Nexus products every 30 days until they turn three or clock in 18 months from their last Google Store sale.

Samsung is predictably vaguer about the program’s implementation as far as Galaxy members are concerned, merely promising to have a “conversation with carriers around the world” and share “more details about the specific models and timelines soon.”

Hopefully, they’ll at least be able to offer frequent security fixes to recent flagships (plural, not just the Galaxy S6) across all mainstream US networks and foreign markets that greatly contribute to Android’s commanding sales numbers. You know, China, the Europe “Big Five”, perhaps Australia also.

It’s not going to be easy, but if you want to act out a replica of Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday plan, you have to include as many devices and territories as possible.

Sources: Android Official Blog, Samsung Tomorrow

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