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Google adds Parsey McParseface to their machine learning family

Google gives their engineers a lot of room to innovate and to apply their creativity much more liberally than most other companies. So it didn’t shock us that Google’s latest piece of software is called Parsey McParseface.

The free tool from Google’s research hub help computers to parse and understand English sentences. The question, however, isn’t how useful the tool is—because it is indeed useful, but instead why “Parsey McParseface?”


When asked point blank why they settled on such a bizarre name, Google’s response was that they couldn’t think of a name and someone suggested Parsey McParseface and that was the end of the story.

The new tool is only a small component in a larger framework called SyntaxNet. Companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft are tackling the complexity of machine learning by investing heavily in developing tools such as Parsey McParseface.

For a better understanding of what Google’s new tool does in the overall scheme of things, head on over to the official Google blog for an in depth explanation of how SyntaxNet works.

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