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Gold iPhone 5S rumors mount, demand reportedly exists in various markets

This past week rumors have been circulating that Apple will introduce iPhone 5S in a unique color that it has never offered before. The iPhone 5S in gold is likely to see demand in China and India, where the color commands a lot of consumer interest. 


There have been various leaks regarding the gold iPhone 5S recently. These include purported components and the gold casing that showed off how the iPhone 5S would look in this particular color. For some it is impossible to believe that Apple would part with its tradition of offering the iPhone in two colors only, but compelling arguments can be put forward to make the case for a gold iPhone 5S.

The color gold is actually said to be easier to anodize on an iPhone, even easier than the slate “black” color the iPhone 5 is available in right now. Moreover, gold is one of the most popular colors chosen by customers who go for after market color customization. Even iPhone cases in gold are popular, particularly in markets like China and India. There’s clearly demand, so it seems logical for Apple to supply.

Those who believe that this color will be tacky need not worry. Many well-connected reporters, who have heard from various sources, believe that the iPhone 5S will be less “gold” and more “champagne.” The actual gold color is said to be much more subtle, and apparently the tone will shift depending upon how light hits it. Apple is reportedly going to schedule an event on September 10th, where it will launch the next generation iPhone which will presumably be called the iPhone 5S.

Source: [iMore]

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