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Gold iPhone 5S purported casing compared with black and white iPhone 5

We now get to see yet another purported casing of the gold iPhone 5S after the previous one was deemed a fake by many sources. This new color option for the next generation iPhone is compared with a black and white iPhone 5.


Almost a couple of weeks ago rumors started circulating that Apple would offer a gold color option for the iPhone 5S. Analysts believe that demand for this color option exists in markets such as China and India. Gold is actually one of the most popular colors that people choose for after-market iPhone paint jobs. Analysts believe that the iPhone 5S gold color wouldn’t be too tacky or over the top, they believe that it will be elegant and would look similar to champagne. This is evident in these pictures, which show a much lighter hue of gold as opposed to the previous leaked purported casing.


Apple has traditionally offered only two color options for the iPhone, black and white. The company has never offered gold for any of its mobile devices in the past. The comparison with black and white iPhone 5 gives us a hint of how this color option would look as compared to the two conventional colors. No major design changes are expected in the next generation iPhone, it is expected to look identical to the iPhone 5.

The new iPhone is expected to be unveiled next month at an event on September 10th. Apple is yet to confirm the exact date of its iPhone event. As per rumors, the next generation iPhone will be ultimately released on September 20th.

Source: [ASCII Plus]

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