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Gold iPhone 5S was jokingly called ‘The Kardashian Phone’ by Apple employees

According to a new report, Apple employees internally referred to the gold iPhone 5S as “The Kardashian Phone,” albeit jokingly.

Iphone 5S

Apple has offered the iPhone in gold color for the first time ever with the iPhone 5S, it has deviated from the traditional black and white colors it previously used to offer. Prior to its launch, it was consistently rumored that the company is going to introduce a gold iPhone 5S, and it did indeed. Many people questioned whether or not the color option will be a success, given that a number of people probably won’t like touting a gold colored smartphone. Demand was initially said to be high, with Apple even reportedly ramping up production of the gold iPhone 5S.

“The Kardashian Phone” moniker wasn’t actually an official code name for the gold iPhone 5S, TechCrunch hears from a source. It was merely an internal joke. The reason why some employees chose to give the smartphone this moniker is because Kim Kardashian is known to have used gold iPhones in the past. She had an anodized gold iPhone 5 long before Apple released its gold/champagne colored iPhone 5S. Besides that, the moniker may also have been an obvious hint of the target market that the gold smartphone was likely to capture: people who like smartphones with some bling.

We definitely get to see a lighter side of the whole process through which the gold iPhone 5S passed to become a reality. The question is though, are you going to get one?

Source: TechCrunch

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