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GOG.com jumps on Windows 8 bandwagon

Online game seller GOG.com announces that they will be adding Windows 8 support to their game titles.

When it comes to online gaming companies the best known name would have to be Steam from Valve but they definitely aren't alone, but unlike the negative response from Gabe Newell at Valve when asked about Windows 8 the team at GOG.com – formerly known as Good Old Games – have announced that they are going to be supporting the new operating system from Microsoft.

While GOG.com may not be as big, or as well known, as Steam they are a very good alternative when it comes to getting your gaming fix so to see that they are going to be adding support to existing game titles on their service is definitely a good thing. In their announcement today they say that there are currently 431 titles that have been fixed, tested, and reportedly working very well on the Windows 8 platform.

The announcement also notes that most of the updated games have not had any changes made to the master builds so there won't be any need to redownload the installers for any of the games affected that you might own. Additionally they will be adding more Windows 8 support to other games in their stable over time.

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