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Global Ticketing Firm Eventbrite Launches in Singapore

In its inaugural launch in Asia, global ticketing and event technology platform Eventbrite comes to Singapore as a localised service.

Accessible at eventbrite.sg, the platform provides an avenue for event organisers to gain greater reach locally with its meticulously curated local content, native checkout and payment in Singapore Dollars.

With 4.9 million tickets sold in Singapore alone, Eventbrite’s success locally has benefitted over 17,000 local event organisers. These events range across a wide array of event types, with strong growth in community, education and food and wine events.

In conjunction with Roy Morgan, a research firm, Eventbrite as part of its launch highlighted increasing Singaporean appetites for live events. 95% of Singaporeans have indicated that they have attended an event in the last 12 months, with almost half stating their intention to increase the number of events attended in the next year.

The survey also found that Singaporeans on average spent S$429 on live experiences between November 2017 to November 2018, with 13% reporting that they spent more than S$1,000 in the same period.

Despite its notoriety for being a consumer-centric, materialistic society, a vast majority (79%) of Singaporeans indicated that they would rather spend their money on an experience rather than an physical purchases.

Social media, as a mode of communication and connection, continues to be at the centre of consumption choices. Around two-thirds of millennials (57%) attended live events with the intention to record content for sharing on social media platforms.

Live-long learning, too, has been an important reason for event attendance. 59% of those aged 45 years above had indicated attendance of an education class or workshop in the past year.

Eventbrite, its expansion in Singapore and the region, highlights the importance of the arts and culinary scenes in the region that offers great potential to the services the platform provides. 

Ian Ling
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