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Global PC sales expected to plummet this year also, despite Windows 10 launch

The forecasts are much bleaker than in 2014, when the traditional computer market nearly stabilized, showing encouraging signs of revival.

Windows 10

No, the PC is not dead… yet, but it continues to bleed like crazy and taking it off life support certainly doesn’t look wise. Ironically, on the heels of an inexplicably solid year, which marked no important breakthroughs or innovations, shipments are tipped to enter free fall again as Windows 10 lifts off.

Of course, there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation why tech consumers probably won’t flock to stores to upgrade their Win 7 or 8.1-powered rigs. Redmond already announced all systems running the two desktop OS iterations will qualify for software promotions, and those of you with legit licenses can even get them free of charge.

Meanwhile, pirates shouldn’t have a problem sticking to slightly outdated, unauthorized Windows copies until hackers crack 10’s code. Or they can always choose to pay for kosher new software instead of extravagant hardware.

Bottom line, market research, analysis and advisory firm IDC (International Data Corporation) suggests “Microsoft and PC vendors still need to convince users of the advantages of the new OS and new PCs, which will take some time.”

PC sales

How much time? Hard to say, but IDC’s long-term projections aren’t particularly rosy either. On the whole, portable and desktop PCs (tablets excluded) should post a little over 294 million sales in 2019, which is a measly 5 mil up, or 1.7 percent, this year’s anticipated numbers.

At 289M, PCs will purportedly fall sharply by 6.2 percent in 2015 compared to 2014. And speaking of 2014, when the computing landscape only lost a 2.2 percent slice of the 2013 shipment pie, the 308 mil tally shall remain a fond memory and unreachable goal through 2019 and beyond.

If IDC’s forecasts pan out, that is, which depends on so many variables it’s basically a hunch. But given 2015 is almost halfway done, we presume the 289 million digit is a substantially more educated guess. Portable PCs (read laptops) will allegedly account for 167.2M unit shipments, with desktops tipped at 121.8M, or around Apple’s iPhone 6 prospects.

Source: Business Wire

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