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Gionee intros $160 GPad G3 phablet with 5.5-inch panel and quad-core CPU

Defying every price barrier known to mobile enthusiasts and pushing common sense to the limits, Gionee has announced the GPad G3 quad-core phablet in India, pricing it at an unbelievable $157 (Rs. 9,999).


And there are even retailers selling it under the MSRP, like Snapdeal, which is currently asking $148 (Rs. 9,420) for the 5.5-inch beast. Okay, maybe beast is an overstatement looking at G3’s hardware, but we’re dealing with a definite challenger for the title of world’s cheapest phablet here.

I mean, just think about what 150 bucks used to score you in the mobile landscape a year or two ago. For Pete’s sake, you were lucky if you got a crammed, teenie weenie 3-inch touchscreen.

Now, the GPad G3 comes equipped with a spacious (albeit not exactly vibrant) 5.5-inch capacitive panel donning 854 x 480 pixels resolution. And, get this, quad-core power. Not the hottest CPU in the world, as it’s manufactured by MediaTek and clocked at 1.2 Ghz, yet it does pack four cores, ready to work their magic all at once.


There’s reportedly also 1 gig RAM to go nice with the processor and help multitasking, although some sources claim you only get 512 MB of memory. I’d rather be optimistic and buy the former, especially that the pre-loaded OS is a surprisingly fresh flavor of Jelly Bean, namely Android 4.2.

What else? Oh, the 2,250 mAh battery may sound skinny for a phone so big, but it’s not like the resolution and SoC will use up that juice so very quick. Then you get dual SIM support, which always comes in handy, as well as microSD expansion for boosting the sub-par 4 GB built-in storage.

Finally, customary dual cameras are slapped on both GPad G3’s front and back, though they’re nothing to write home about, as they sport 5 MP and 0.3 MP sensors. All sacrifices are made for a noble purpose, so don’t you even think about bitching and moaning and complaining. The 5.5-incher offers plenty for its price range and you’d be fools to write it off just because its specs are “mediocre”. That said, who’s buying?

 Source: AndroidOS

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