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Gionee Elife E6 launching October 3, pre-orders live already for $350 a pop

For an OEM that doesn’t have Samsung’s impeccable reputation or whopping marketing budget at its disposal, Gionee has surely taken its sweet time before making the Elife E6 official. Actually, the flagship still isn’t official, though apparently the grand (and kind of tardy) unveiling will go down on October 3.


Leaked to the press for the first time back when twerking was not yet a thing (good, innocent times), the E6 is up for grabs early on pre-orders via Snapdeal. However, the Indian online retailer doesn’t do you a huge favor, since the dispatching of the first units is slated for ten business days from now, i.e. starting October 11.

Their Elife E6 pricing is far from ideal as well, albeit as painful as it may sound, the $356 (Rs. 22,165) could actually prove to be the recommended retail price tag. Not that you don’t get plenty to warrant the spending of that big pile of moolah.

The display is both large and high-res, at 5 inches and Full HD, there’s pre-loaded Android 4.2 Jelly Bean on the software front, a 13 MP camera slapped on the phone’s back, plus a 5 MP snapper on the front (selfie fans rejoice), 2 gigs of RAM and a generous 32 GB of on-board storage.


On the not so cheerful side of things, the battery sounds, let’s not sugarcoat it, minuscule, at 2,000 mAh, there’s no microSD support, whereas the quad-core 1.5 GHz processor is likely based on ARM Cortex A7, so pretty darn disappointingly laggy.

For what it’s worth, the Gionee Elife E6 is probably the sexiest smartphone ever to be released by a non-household brand in the business, weighing in at an almost unbelievable 128 grams and measuring 7.9 mm thick thin. Bottom line, we’re looking at a blockbuster hit in the making. Who’s with me?

Sources: Android OS, NDTV Gadgets, Snapdeal

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