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Gigabyte shows off G1. Assassin 3 X79-based motherboard at IDF

Gigabyte shows it designed its G1. Assassin 3 motherboard with gamers in mind through an impressive library of features.


Gigabyte’s gaming focused G1. Assassin 3 motherboard was on the floor at IDF this year, giving attendees a taste of what to expect when the board hits the market.

The G1. Assassin 3 is based on the X79 chipset and has an LGA 2011 socket, which means it won’t be compatible with anything past Sandy Bridge-E without a BIOS upgrade.


One of the most interesting features on the G1. Assassin 3 is the swappable AMP-UP audio amplifier. This gives users flexibility to tweak the audio experience to their liking.

Other features of the board include eight DIMM slots for memory, four-way graphics support, a front headphone amplifier, and Thunderbolt 2.0.

More details on the board and information on its availability and pricing should be released in the coming weeks.

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