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Gigabyte set to take the fight to Asus in the motherboard segment this year

Gigabyte is targeting 5 million shipments this quarter as it looks to become the number one motherboard manufacturer in 2014.


A motherboard grudge match is ensuing between Gigabyte and Asus in 2014 for the title of best selling board maker.

Asus was the overall leader in the motherboard segment last year by selling more than 22 million boards, while Gigabyte wasn’t far behind at 21 million. Both manufacturers were equally matched throughout the course of the year, with Asus edging out Gigabyte by a slender margin. In 2014, it looks like Gigabyte will gain an early lead over Asus by selling well over 5 million motherboards in the first quarter.

China was a major market for Gigabyte last year, with over 40 percent of overall shipments coming from the country. Gigabyte accounts for a third of all motherboard sales in the country, and is set to be more aggressive in the Chinese market this year.

While Gigabyte may be doing well in China, Asus is the clear leader in the global high-end motherboard segment. The manufacturer has started launching new high-end motherboards, with boards like the Asus Rampage IV Black Edition set to debut later this month $500.

Gigabyte is said to launch more high-end motherboards in a bid to close the gap in this segment. Gigabyte’s president, Alexander Ma, has indicated as much, and said that the organization will focus on the mid-range as well as the high-end markets this year to boost sales. He also stated that Gigabyte is looking to sustain its 2013 numbers, or even see a modest growth this year even though global motherboard shipments are likely to fall by 5 percent.

Meanwhile, other motherboard manufacturers like ASRock, MSI, ECS and Biostar are set to see a 10 to 15 percent decline in shipments this quarter.

Source: Digitimes

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