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Gigabyte releases tool that checks if SATA devices are affected by faulty Intel chipset

Gigabyte has released a free tool that supposedly checks if the SATA ports you are using are affected by the Intel 6 series chipset flaw.

Called the Gigabyte 6 Series SATA Check, the company says it was released to ‘help our customers optimise SATA performance on their 6-series mobos’ and will let you know ‘if the SATA ports that you are using are in fact the affected Intel PCH SATA 2.0 ports.'

Thankfully, you do not have to be using a Gigabyte motherboard to be able to use this utility. Gigabyte says it is a ‘simple program that will work on any 6-series chipset based mobo, and has three possible scenarios that offer different advice for users to configure their SATA devices.’ So you can ignore the 'For Gigabyte motherboards only' message in the screenshot, making this a very useful tool for customers who are confused about the whole incident.

Gigabyte, like most other manufacturers, say that if you’re using one or two SATA devices, then the P67 and H67 chipset fault will not affect you because you can simply connect your devices to the two white SATA 3.0 6Gbps ports instead.

However, if you are running three or more SATA devices, you may want to run more important devices such as your hard drives off the SATA 3.0 ports and less important devices, such as a DVD drive, off the SATA 2.0 ports that run off the Intel chipset.

Please be aware of the fact that running this utility merely checks if your SATA devices are affected by the chipset problem and it does not fix the problem. If you're affected, then you need to connect your SATA devices to the SATA 3.0 ports or other ports that run off other chipsets.

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